SAP BW/4 HANA Course Content

Course Overview:

Course Name              SAP BW/4 HANA
Demo Classes             On Demand
Mode of Classes         Online
Course Duration         30-35 Hours
Class Availability       Weekdays & Weekends
Demo Training           Email

SAP BW/4HANA is the next generation of SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. Designed to run on SAP HANA only, it delivers new levels of simplicity for building and operating data warehouse solutions with flexible data management capabilities in a modernized user experience.
This course provides a high-level overview of SAP BW/4HANA. Starting from the value proposition, we will show system demos covering some of the major functional aspects. Another central aspect for customers running SAP BW powered by SAP HANA is the migration path to SAP BW/4HANA. 


Getting started

  • SAP BW/4HANA Modeling Tools in Eclipse and SAP BW/4HANA Cockpit

Paths to SAP BW/4HANA

  • Overview with additional details for In-Place Conversion as well as Remote Conversion.

SAP HANA Modeling

  • SAP HANA native Modeling of Calculation Views

Modeling and Running the SAP BW/4HANA Data Warehouse

  • InfoObject Enhancements
  • Advanced DataStore-Objects
  • CompositeProviders
  • BAdI-Providers
  • HANA-optimized Transformations
  • Process Chain Enhancements
  • HANA-optimized Analytic Manager
  • HANA Analysis Processes
  • Changes regarding Authorizations
  • SAP BW/4HANA Statistical Analysis based on ABAP CDS Views
  • SAP BW/4HANA Tool Collection

Modeling with SAP´s Reference Architecture LSA++

  • Review of Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA)
  • From LSA to LSA++: Streamline Core Layers
  • LSA++: Open Operational Data Store Layer based on Open ODS Views
  • LSA++: BW/4HANA Workspaces

Hybrid Modeling in Mixed Scenarios

  • Generation of external HANA-Views for BW/4HANA Objects
  • Modeling Mixed Scenarios
  • SAP BW/4HANA Content Add-On
  • Use case for Mixed Scenarios: SAP Predictive Analytics (optional)

SAP BW/4HANA Data Lifecycle Management

  • Multi-Temperature Data Management
  • SAP BW/4HANA Data Tiering Optimization
  • Additional Tiering Concepts

Data Provisioning into SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA

  • Overview of Data Provisioning Methods into SAP HANA
  • SAP LT Replication into SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Access
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration incl. real-time Streaming
  • Operational Data Provisioning into SAP BW/4HANA based on SAP Extractors, ABAP CDS Views, HANA Information Views and BW InfoProviders
  • Integration of Big Data