Course Overview:

Course Name              SAP QM (Quality Management)
Demo Classes             On Demand
Mode of Classes          Online
Course Duration          30-35 Hours
Class Availability       Weekdays & Weekends
Demo Training            Email ID :

SAP Overview

  • My SAP Business Suite
  • Navigation (system handling)
  • Quality Management Overview

Master Data

  • Organizational Structure
  • Material Master – Activation of QM view
  • Master Inspection characteristics – Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Sampling Procedure, Sampling Scheme  
  • Codes and Code Groups
  • Catalog, Selected set, Catalog Profile
  • Inspection Method

Planning & Execution

  • Inspection plan
  • Creation of inspection lot ( Automatic and Manual )
  • Results Recording
  • Usage Decision and Stock Posting
  • Inspection type
  • Material Specification.

Quality Management in Procurement 

  • Goods receipt inspection against Purchase Order
  • Goods receipt inspection without Purchase Order
  • Stock Transfer Inspection
  • Controls in procurement
  • QM info Record

Quality Management in Production 

  • In process inspection for Production Order
  • In process inspection for Production Order with Inspection Points
  • Goods Receipt Inspection after Production

Quality Management in Sales and Distribution 

  • Inspection during delivery
  • Inspection during customer returns

Inspection with Physical Samples

  • Types of physical samples
  • Sample Drawing Procedure  
  • Inspection lot processing for physical samples

Calibration Inspection   

  • Test equipment Management
  • Process flow of calibration inspection

Quality Management with Batches  

  • Automatic Batch Valuation with QM
  • Recurring inspection

Quality Certificates   

  • Certificate Profile creation
  • Certificate Printing

Quality Control

  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control charts

Quality Notifications

  • Quality Notifications in the Logistics Supply Chain
  • Record and process notifications in the system
  • Defect notification processing

Stability Studies

  • Objects in the Stability Study
  • Stability Study Process Flow

Important Configuration and Integration with other modules 

  • Configuration steps involved in QM
  • QM integration with MM, PP, PM and SD modules